Micah Moore treated at Wired Pussy


Micah Moore goes to the people at Wired Pussy with a problem she’s been having lately with orgasms. They claim to have a procedure to help her reach climax. She just wasn’t aware it involved strapping her down and exposing her pussy to electro shock stimulation.


Maitresse Madeline and Ashley Fires are the two girls who strap Micah down, spread her open, and use the shock dildo on her, mixing stimulation with pain and pleasure until she heaves with uncontrollable orgasm after orgasm. Then they switch to strap-on dildos so she cums to the feel of the cock, and reward her with more shock orgasms.


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Micah Moore massage with happy ending


After a Micah Moore massage, his roaming hands are welcome on this sexy pornstar.


She’s been aware of his hard cock under the blanket from the very beginning. It’s been turning her on, and she’s already decided to give him a happy ending.


Micah Moore goes down on that cock, sucking like a rock star. Her lips are skilled.


She climbs on top and does all the work, grinding her pussy down to his aching balls.


Micah Moore humps her massage client like the bitch in heat that she is. A hot bitch.


He spreads her tight ass cheeks apart as she slides up and down his vertical shaft.

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Micah Moore naked in an airplane


It’s a hot day for Micah Moore – too hot for even that tiny bikini in that stuffy airplane.


Micah Moore gets in the airplane and strips. Isn’t she cute pretending to be a pilot?


I wonder how many pilots actually fly in the nude when they’re going solo? Hmmmm.


Micah Moore climbs down out of the plane ass first, her behind totally exposed for us.

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Micah Moore in ponytails and jean shorts


Okay so Micah Moore has a bit of a tomboy in her, that makes her even more cute.


I like seeing her long hair in pigtails, and the jean shorts with bare midriff is very sexy.


A very nice picture of Micah Moore’s closeup pussy. It’s been fucked many times.


But today Micah Moore is going to stretch her pornstar pussy out with a blue vibrator.


She’s a reacharound girl, stuffing her twat with the humming vibrator from behind.


Changing angles to hit her G spot, Micah Moore lets her pussy build up to a climax.

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Micah Moore fucked at Club Micah


Champion dick sucker Micah Moore sucks a fat one for her fans at Club Micah.


Micah Moore spreads her legs for some serious fucking. She may be petite but she shags like a minx.


Tiny Micah rides the bone as he helps spread her legs. Her pussy lips are swollen.


Pretty Micah Moore opens wide and takes a mouthful of cum when he finally shoots!

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Micah Moore does anal lesbian play in bath tub


Micah Moore and her cute lesbian girlfriend get in the bath tub for some play time.


Micah Moore uses a vibrator on her girlfriends pussy and then has her suck it clean.


Now they switch roles, and Micah Moore gets her pussy worked on with a vibrator.


Micah Moore turns around so she can try a vibrator up her ass. She’s very tight.


Success! She gets that vibrator up her tiny asshole and Micah goes absolutely wild.

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Micah Moore fisting pussy

This is Micah Moore’s first attempt at fisting back in 2007 when she was still 19, shooting for FTV Girls, which seems to be the gateway site for new models.


“I had NEVER thought of doing something as crazy as I did on the stairs.  I pushed my whole hand into me!  I didn’t even think it was possible to do.”


“Looks radical on the video clips I watched on here.  I don’t know what to think of it, except that it did turn me on a little even though it hurt too.  I got pretty wet from it, so it made me want to come again.”


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Micah Moore tastes her pussy juice off dildo


Micah Moore has a healthy appetite for sex, almost like an addiction. She needs to get off all the time, and when there’s no cock around, a phallic toy works just as well.


Micah Moore really explores that pussy with her ridged dildo toy, moaning as she hits the right spot.


She tastes her own pussy juice, liking the flavor as it hits her tongue.


Micah goes back for more, really milking every shudder of her solo orgasm.


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Micah Moore smoking a big cigar


Micah Moore is in the smoke shop, puffing on a big cigar as she samples the merchandise.


As always, dirty thoughts are never far from her mind. Too bad she can’t get naked in this store.


She puffs deeply, smoking the cigar and savoring its flavor. Some guys get really turned on watching a a hot girl smoking. It’s an oral fixation.

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Micah Moore uses vibrator in her bubble bath

Dang Micah Moore is such a cutie! Here she is, dipping her fine body into a hot bubble bath, getting all wet and turning us on. Her round ass is so amazing it should win an award! Micah Moore kicks things up a notch when she reaches for her blue vibrator and gives us a perfect view as she slowly inserts it up her delicious pussy.


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