Micah Moore’s car washing booty shorts

One of Micah Moore’s earliest shoots, shaking her fine booty for the Ass Parade!

car wash girls

Micah Moore and Pinky in their sexy car washing outfits: booty shorts and tied t-shirts.

booty shorts

Micah Moore and Pinky washing the car with their fine booties sticking out!

whale tail booty

Micah Moore peels her booty shorts down past her round ass curves, revealing a purple whale tail!

soapy butts

Micah Moore and Pinky washing each other down, both ending up with soapy butts!

soapy pussy

Micah Moore bends over to feature her wet ass cheeks and soapy pussy lips. Beautiful!

bulge grab

Micah Moore and Pinky are having so much fun they want to take it to the next level with the car owner. Here they are checking out his package!


Watch this car washing booty shorts trailer here.

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